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The Story of aMuse

Many years ago, there existed a woman by the name of Jacqueline LaBelle. Born into a family of successful French immigrants, she rose to fame at seventeen as the youngest heiress in Philadelphia society. LaBelle was a jet-set member of the international beau mode, and a style icon to fashion designers and artists the world over. She was known for her signature kohl-lined eyes, imperial guard-inspired fur lined jackets and magnificent collection of sapphire jewelry. She was elegant, venerated and very much the muse.

For her extravagant parties at her mansion in Rittenhouse Square, she spared no expense importing the best French cuisine and libations. Her servants were directed to “continually toss handfuls of copper filings onto the flames, transforming them into blazes of vivid blue” to add a dramatic atmosphere. The parties were a fabulous collision of social, art, fashion, Hollywood, political and literary stars. It was the place to see and be seen and the place where inspired ideas were born. Jacqueline LaBelle was daring, adventurous, intangible and always at the center of it all. 

It is her story upon which we base the concept of aMuse.