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Best French Desserts & Dining in Philadelphia

The cookery of France—which of course encompasses an amazing breadth of flavors and styles—ranks among the most respected and influential cuisines in the world. Here at aMuse, we offer a first-rate celebration of that venerable cuisine—shot through with plenty of creative sprit—right in the heart of Philadelphia.

Our chic eatery at Le Méridien aims to deliver a genuine brasserie/bistro experience: relaxed yet elegant, anchored by exceptional European-inspired fare made and served with a whole lot of heart.

The aMuse Bistro Menu

The aMuse menu features plenty of classic French dishes—from French onion soup and tartare to filet mignon and steak frites—all delivered with our own special spin. And in our kichen we’re not afraid to draw inspiration from other corners of European cuisine—our take on Chicken Milanese being a popular case in point. That goes as well for our home here in the City of Brotherly Love: We dare you to resist our housemade Philly Pretzels (and don’t think too highly of your chances).

Luxurious Libations

Our appetizers and entrees come sturdily supported by our exceptionally curated wine list, where some of the best French grapes rub shoulders with standouts from vineyards around the world. And then of course come our signature hand-crafted cocktails, each honoring a different iconic muse and artistic spirit: Gala Dali, Tippi Hendren, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, and more.

The Most Important Part of the Meal?: Desserts at aMuse

And skip dessert at aMuse to your own detriment: From the Apple Tatin to the Crème Brulee to the Pear Helene, these are genuine slices of heaven arrayed on the plate for you, screaming to be paired with an espresso or digestif.

The aMuse Vibe: Chic, Stylish, and Utterly Warm-hearted

You’ll enjoy our bistro delicacies and libations in a gorgeous space that well reflects our menu’s combination of the elegant and the welcoming. Our snazzy style doesn’t come with a side of pretension: Our defining goal is your enjoyment, both on the gastronomic and the experiential side of things. We pride ourselves on our polished but inviting aesthetics and our through-and-through professional service: Every guest of ours is an honored one.

Enjoy the Bistro Experience at aMuse

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktail hour, we invite you to join us here at Le Méridien for a Philly-style French bistro experience. Special occasions, private dining, or simply everyday epicurean pleasure: aMuse delivers one of Central City’s superlative culinary experiences.

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